Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you cover?

We are based in Greenwich, London but cover the whole of the UK and international destination weddings.

How many camera operators will there be?

We always shoot with 2 camera operators. This way we can capture multiple angles and spontaneous moments as they happen. We recommend upgrading to a third camera operator as this allows us to take a more pragmatic approach to the days filming during busy sections of weddings.

How do you record the audio from the ceremony and speeches?

Good quality audio has a massive part to play in wedding videography, something often overlooked by other videographers. We use mics on camera as well as a wireless and discreet mic which is usually worn by the groom during the ceremony and the speaker during a speech. Additionally we have high quality external microphones we place discreetly on the speech table and in close vicinity to the couple during the ceremony to ensure we have a clear audio feed.

How long will my wedding film last?

Our highlights films last approximately 4-6 minutes. There is the option to upgrade to longer cinematic or chronological day edits for a longer wedding film. Ceremony and speech edits we produce have no time limit and include coverage from their beginning to end..

We would like to book with you. What next?

Great, it’s time to make contact! Please send us an e-mail at or use the contact form here to get booked in. Remember to include your wedding date so we can first check our availability.

To book with us, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit to confirm your date and booking, with the remaining balance due 28 days before your big day.

Can we meet you in person before our wedding?

Absolutely, if you live around London we can arrange a face to face meeting at a location convenient for all parties. Alternatively we can use Skype free video chat for client meetings when getting to each other is more of a logistical challenge or there is always the traditional telephone.

I don’t want to spend my big day being an actor, will you be discreet?

Of course, we don’t get in the way on your day. We work with you, not in front of you. We will put together a careful itenary with you during the booking process of specific shots you want or perhaps do not want. No-one should be made to feel uncomfortable by us and we aim to stay in the background as much as possible.

Why do we need a videographer, our uncle is going to film it for us?

We’ re professionals. You wont get a jittery hand held camcorder video when you book with us. No zooming in and out. No cheesy sound track or titles and definitely no washed out colours.

We’re armed with some of the best video equipment available and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. We will usually spend around 60 hours producing your wedding video and that’s probably 59.5 more than your uncle wants to commit to. It also stops any potential family disagreements down the line with your uncle.

How does it work?

Our booking process is clear and simple. Complete the booking enquiry form here.  If we’re available, we can then discuss  your wedding and the proposed video, either over email, phone or in person if you are local to London.  We send you over the contract to review and sign and take a non- refundable 50% booking deposit to reserve your date.  The final balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding day. Delivery of your finished video is then between 6-12 weeks dependent on seasonality and if you take a digital file or hard copy.

What happens on the day?

To capture the wedding day in the most natural way, we film in as discreet a style as possible to keep our couples and guests relaxed without feeling they are being filmed constantly throughout the wedding.

A typical wedding videographer day would start with one of our team joining the bride whilst the other is with the groom, where they shoot the ‘prep’ shots you see at the start of our highlight videos. Our couples are usually very keen for this as it allows them to see what their significant other was up to prior to the big moment when they would otherwise not be able to. We then head to the ceremony venue before guests arrive to shoot the external shots and the details of the venue such as flowers, candles, specific building features, etc. Following this we film the ceremony in full, discreetly from multiple angles and then head to the canape reception to shoot candid shots of your guests and capture the informal side to the day. If a photography session is happening we will also join this if you would like that part of the day included in the film. We are happy to shoot from the side during this although if you are happy to let us, it’s great to create some specific shots which lend to video above photography by including movement. After this a likely day would take us to the meal and speeches, again filmed discreetly. After the meal it’s usually time for the evening guests to arrive so we capture this, and ideally get a moment or two with our couple to get some beautiful shots during the ‘golden hour’ of light which happens at sunset. Your first dance will then be captured from two angles after this and we will even stay to get video of your guests dancing as the evening kicks into full swing before retiring for the evening.

How do you memorialise our day?

After the day is over our editing process begins.  Straight away we put the footage onto multiple hard drives to backup and avoid the worst case scenario of one individually becoming corrupt or damaged. We spend around 50-60 hours going through footage, picking out the best bits, sourcing music that is timeless and suits your particular day and piecing together the video. We then conduct an internal review between our partners to ensure everything flows and fits perfectly. Once signed off, the video is sent to be coloured and graded. This creates the light flares, the colour depth and exposure touch ups as well as other technical advancements you can see in our sample finished wedding videos. At the end of this extensive process we again have an internal partner review before delivering your film to you via your chosen delivery method.