How We Future Proof Your Wedding Video

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Not too long ago there was a VHS player in every household across the UK.  Alas, time moves on and technology waits for no one. The now standard DVD is slowly going the same way with even Blu Ray players being surpassed as the way many people view content evolves quicker than ever. Streaming content from online is fast becoming the norm thanks to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Advances in technology have also contributed to the humble DVD’s downfall. Resolution increases in cameras and digital device displays now go beyond the Standard Definition a DVD provides and many offer that of even greater than HD quality. At Confetti and Silk we shoot our wedding footage in 4K resolution- 4 times the resolution of regular HD. We could downscale this to DVD or Blu Ray format but believe you want to see every detail of your wedding day as clearly as possible. There is a simple way to ensure we deliver the full quality to you and that is via USB flash drives. The majority of HD T.Vs feature at least one USB slot on the back and all accept external inputs- viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is now also common place.

Having a digital file also allows you to backup, upload, share and duplicate your wedding video at no additional cost.  This is a huge advantage when you consider the inevitable degradation of tangible media like DVD and Blu Ray.  Upload your file to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo and share with family and friends online.  You can even upload it to one of the numerous Cloud based storage websites.  Both provide a convenient way to share your day with those who unfortunately couldn’t make it. Upload the file to your tablet or smartphone to show relatives when you gather for another special family occasion or when you pop round to theirs for a quick catch up and a cuppa.

That said, everyone has their own viewing preferences and we appreciate that these media formats will be around for a few years yet so making you a wedding DVD or Blu Ray disc is easily done.  However, for the reasons outlined above we are firm believers in flash drive delivery. The safety of having the full quality file will future proof it for many years to come, no matter how advanced our viewing methods become.

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