The Problem With Videographers


The dream is to have a discreet documentary wedding videographer capture your day, the problem is these people are rare.

We’ve all seen them. Wedding videographers who make you cringe as a guest and vow you’ll never have one like that at your own wedding. You feel sorry for the couple at the time, you think someone should ‘have a word’ with them and tell them to stop spoiling the day for the guests, who can’t see what’s going on during the key moments. In short, your blood is beginning to boil.

The Solution


Well, now’s the time to pick your videographer and above every supplier you need to book- you need to make sure you don’t end up with one of them behind the camera. Thankfully you landed on us.

Our entire filming ethos is built around first and foremost being discreet on the day. We are constantly aware of guest eye lines, not contributing to feelings of tension during what can be a highly emotional day for our couples and not disturbing proceedings by drawing any attention to ourselves. Our aim, quite simply, is that the majority of your guests won’t even know you’re having a wedding film made on the day.

As switched on professionals, we’re in tune with couples and guests feelings on the day, if people see us filming them we can sense the unease, we simply move on and film something else. We don’t want them to feel awkward on the wedding day and in turn we would feel awkward ourselves knowing they know we are filming- a lose lose situation.


A bride and groom embrace tightly outside

Our Experience Creates Subtleness


Videography is hugely different to photography when it comes to posing for shots. Whilst you may need to pose for some of those more stunning photographs, with video it’s all about capturing the little in between moments, these need to be natural. So what’s the best way to capture naturally beautiful wedding footage? By not interrupting, being in your face with a camera or staging anything.

We’re not complete animals though, we want you to look your best on film, and who wouldn’t on their wedding day. So we do offer guidance such as where to walk through that has the best light but that’s it, from then on we shoot it how it happens.

Our discretion goes deeper than that, our equipment and footprint is also influenced by not being seen as ‘the video person’ during the day. We film on small cameras, probably smaller than your photographers, yet still capture all the action in 4k and HD definition. We’re probably more discreet than your photographer the entire day. We don’t use on camera microphones either- just to add to guests ease. People don’t feel too uncomfortable when the photographer’s around, perhaps because they know it’s only going to be a specific moment being captured and that there’s no sound of them being recorded too, this makes them act more natural so we want to mirror that level of comfort they have with their photo being taken but with video. Not having on camera microphones is a small but subtle way of achieving this with guests and couples.

For the most part we film handheld except during speeches and ceremonies- where you would assume the video guy is going to use a tripod anyway so we don’t look out of place. Using tripods also means we don’t move around you during your ceremony, we cause so much less noise and movement than even the best photographers do. Being on tripods also gives us the benefit on being able to shoot on longer length camera lenses- thus we can be at the back of the aisle beyond guest views or off to the side and still capture the action perfectly. The added bonus for your photos is that we won’t be in their shots either, your photographer will love us- a win win all round by everyone involved in the entire day!


A blonde haired bride smiles warmly in a garden area

What past Couples Say


Some of our Google reviews, well quite a lot of them infact, point to just how good we are at being near invisible on the day. There’s a some below which at the time of writing this post are simply the three latest reviews we received:

‘Confetti and Silk blend into the background on the day but manage to capture everything. You’d hardly know they were there.’

‘The team were excellent on the day they blended in so well with our guests and captured all the little moments that we missed out on.
I have been to some weddings in the past where the videographer and the photographer block views and are really quite intrusive, the Confetti and Silk team aren’t like this at all. They were a joy to have with us on the day.’

‘Couldn’t have wished for better videographers – they were super chilled and relaxed on the day (which is just what you need when getting ready!), blended into the background with our guests but got the most beautiful shots.’

Your Next Step


We could go on quoting but we won’t. So if you’re after a high quality wedding film, created without any drama, and don’t want your wedding to turn into a film set contact us now and let’s have a chat about how things work.


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