Covid 19 – Wedding video becomes more important than ever


Wedding Video and Covid 19, here’s our take:

No amount of head in the sand can protect the wedding industry from the impact the Covid 19 virus. To do anything other than face the new reality head on wouldn’t be right. The wedding industry has been rattled beyond belief. Couples’ plans for their big days have been swiftly rearranged or even cancelled in the short term. Whilst the industry is impacted by losing almost all of the main wedding season there are some changes couples need to, or should, now consider. Wedding video, with it’s ability to be sent to friends and family anywhere in the world with just a few clicks and preserve the memories of the day that finally went ahead now has an undoubted potential to be one of the most important decisions a couple make.

Should you still be considering postponing, the wedding blog Rock My Wedding have a great article you can read here with all relevant information. If you can’t decide on postponing consider this great article on planning for two dates at the same time.

If one of your family or friends can’t make it due to Covid 19 the next best thing is for them to be able to see what happened through a wedding video. You can have friends and other guests film it, but this will often be short bursts, filmed shakily, blurry and too dark to convey or remember the true emotions you were feeling at that specific moment. It’s time to start to think about hiring wedding videographers who know what they are doing and won’t add to the rearranging stress.

Grandmother has her makeup applied by a bridesmaid

What having a wedding video does:

  • Lets anyone who couldn’t make it see, and hear what happened in real time.
  • Lets you relive and feel the emotions you both had at each part of the day.
  • You see the mannerisms and hear people speak in a way photos can’t.
  • Captures the bits of the day you don’t see, even you walking down the aisle can be viewed uniquely from the guests or partners perspective.
  • Great to watch with the kids or let them watch and laugh at you and the fashion sense, 20 years down the line obviously.


If you’re wanting any of the points above to   become reality for you a wedding video is the only option.

If you’re worried about not having the budget for a wedding video then head over to our interactive instant quote builder page here. You’ll note that unlike most wedding videographers we split out the cost of the filming on the day and the editing afterwards. We can also split payments this way too. Simply pay for the filming portion of your day and then take up to 6 months after the day itself to pay for the editing parts. Meaning you get top quality filming as well as editing paid for in a way that makes sense to you.Already decided? Watch our portfolio of great films here.

A gran dances with a bridesmaid

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