5 traditions at a Jewish wedding

The holiest day of any Jews life is widely regarded as being that of their wedding day, where the Chatan and Kallah come together as one complete new soul.

  1. The traditions start before the wedding day. A week will have passed before the Chatan and Kallah have seen one another, increasing anticipation and excitement ahead of the wedding day. Prior to the wedding the guests will be greeted by each partner seperately with the mother of the Kallah and the Chatan together breaking a plate to symbolise the serious commitment about to take place through the view that as a broken plate can never be properly repaired neither may a broken relationship be.
  2. On the day itself the Chatan will place the veil over the Kallah, symbolising modesty and that the soul is more important than any physical features a person may have.
  3. The ceremony take place under a canopied area called the Chuppah- as a symbol for the home the newly married couple will hope to build together. During the ceremony, which is ideally outside to be under the eyes of God above, there will be no jewellery worn as the commitment is about those two persons coming together and material possessions have no part to play in their marriage.
  4. The marrigae contract (Ketubah) is an extremely important part of any Jewish wedding ceremony. The contract outlines the responsibilities of the Chatan to his Kallah and this document shall remain her property throughout the marriage.
  5. Often the most noted part of a Jewish ceremony is the Chatan breaking a glass on the floor with his foot, once broken the famous ‘Mazel Tov’ words are proclaimed. The glass being broken is a reminder that even during their happiest moments Jews are mindful of the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem.

There are many other Jewish customs and traditions occuring during the wedding day, if you’ve any more you think we should include in our quick fire list please let us know.

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