Islington Town Hall

A smaller wedding with a global attendance

Ricky and Malika wed at Islington town hall in a smallish ceremony followed by a more informal gathering of friends for a buffet (a proper buffet though) and dancing at The Hoxton in Holburn.  Malikas father was over from Russia alongside some of her Russian family and it was clear this culture would play a role in the order of the day- rings on the right hand for starters.

Ricky booked a wedding video as a last minute dash following him being recommended us by Andrea Whelan photography. Despite not being able to shoot their wedding herself Andrea had shot a couple shoot with the pair and built a good relationship with them. She felt they would be a great fit for our brand with the bonus of all parties being located within a 5 minute walk of one another in central Greenwich.

Clearly a woman of style and a man who likes to look sharp in his suits the pair didn’t disapoint in their modern approach to their wedding day. Both got ready at their flat in Greenwich together- giving a unique perspective to capture the interactions of a bride and groom before their ceremony. Ricky did leave before Malika got into her dress to keep some of the surprise, and presumably have a quick beverage before the event to calm the nerves.

Their wedding ceremony took place in the Council Chamber- the biggest room in Islington Town hall. A simple ceremony was performed which allowed lots of extra couple time afterwards to make use of the stunning marble corridors and staircase the venue offers for photo and video. A few Ubers were then ordered for the guests and shortly everyone was on route to Holburn to reach the reception venue of the contemporary and very modern stylish Hoxton hotel.

The bar was serving a variety of special cocktails the couple had chosen to reflect their personalities, although Malika was only appearing to drink alcohol… After multiple rounds of buffet food including british gastro pub classics and some Russian tasting items the dance floor started to fill up. After the inital round of dancing Ricky, and both the couples’ fathers grabbed the mic and gave short, heart-felt speeches. Malikas dad delivering in broken English very well and also with the help of a translator for full effect. All speeches revolved around the need for grandkids to be on the horizon shortly, little did they know what was about to be announced.

After the speeches Ricky and Malika ushered parents into a side room that wasn’t much bigger than a cupboard to announce that Malika was pregnant with their first child. Que double celebration.

As the dancing continued our coverage concluded. A small but stylish wedding complete. Filmed with just the one camera as opposed to our normal two the decision taken to allow us to remain in the background and be discreet- something we value tremendously highly at Confetti & Silk.


You can check Ricky & Malikas highlights film out below or read more about Islington Town Hall here:



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