Ariane and Nicolai tied the knot in a Spring wedding at Morden Hall. The weather the day before looked risky, but with glaring sunshine throughout the day of, all the luck was in their favour.

Stuart and Joe were the videographers on this one with Stuart filming bridal prep with Arinae at The Dog and Fox  boutique hotel and pub in Wimbledon village. A small hotel with stunning bedrooms. I arrived to find Ariane and her girls had listened to everything I had mentoned to them over the phone about keeping certain areas of the room tidy and having makeup completed in natural light. As a result bridal prep filming went a lot smoother than usual and I was able to focus more time on capturing the moments between the girls rather than cleaning up a space to film into.

In a changeup to the norm at Morden Hall Nicolai and his groomsmen got ready in the bridal bedroom suite. When the bride’s away…Joe arrived and got on great with all the guys, a dry sense of humour can sometimes take a little warming upto but when it clicks Joe is an incredible funny videographer, as well as discreet.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart church, also in Wimbledon and just a 10 minute drive for all parties. Having shorter driving distances between venues really does free up a lot of extra time come the reception time and we’d advise any of our couples to go for this option against driving sometimes an hour between ceremony and canape locations. After the service we grabbed a couple of shots with the whole wedding party outside the church:


From here the guests piled onto a red Lonodn vintage double decker bus and were driven to Morden Hall. Emma and the team at Morden greeted them with a huge range of canapees, the mini burgers were much needed to fill us up a little. As it was a warm spring wedding at Morden Hall we then grabbed some portrait time with the couple out at the bridge they have over the water there before giving them plenty of time to relax with their guests without a camera to disrupt their day. The table plan was an old world map-as Nicolais family were from all over Scandanavia and other parts of Europe they used a historic map which still had their countries of birth showing with borders.


During the speeches Nicolai stole the show, he had been practising his delivery in particular, he delivered confidently, calmly and slowly a speech which ran jsut under 10 minutes and said all he could about Mariane, a special moment. Despite being his second language Nicolais father delivered a great speech where he presented the maturity of his relationship with Nicolai, how proud he was and that Mariane was ‘ the correct jigsaw piece’ for him. During the consultation we advise the speeches to be made from the same spot, this allows us to control the lighting and audio much better than if people are presenting from all over the room. There were 5 speakers, more than most weddings, yet due to their positioning this was easier to capture well than if there were two speakers in differing locations.


It was then time for the dancing and the evening to kick in. I grabbed a beer and sat outside the venue to gather my thoughts after we had filmed the guests bring out their best dad dancing and the day was over from a filming point of view. Nicolai came and sat next to me and we discussed how to put the world to rights, as well as the challenges of bringing the wedding together and how successfully it had been managed. A truly great couple to get along with really makes their wedding film better and you could tell these guys listened to advice and took it onboard as well which we hope comes across in their film below.

It’s not just a Spring Wedding at Morden Hall that can look great- we have filmed in every season there as we’re the recommended videography suppliers¬† so have a great relationship with Emma, Amber and the extended team there.

You can find out more information about our wedding videography at Morden Hall here.