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Moira Borg is a luxury hair and make-up artist currently based in London. She has been working in the industry for over 13 years now. In addition to working with hundreds of brides she can draw on her vast experiences from clients including HBO’s Game of Thrones, Royal Caribbean cruise ships and work in Australia.


Bride prep is an area we cover as standard in our wedding films and can show the bride at her most beautiful. It was key we reached out to someone as experienced as Moira to get her take on it all.


Below Moira breaks her tips on what you can do to look your best:


Before the wedding day

  • Stay organised, stress is visible in face and hair. Make sure you haven’t left any part of the day to be finalised on the day itself. Confirm with suppliers in the days running up to it that everything is still on track.
  • Get pampered, massage, facials, steam and eat healthy. These will help your skin and hair glow on the day and rid the body of toxins which may be causing imperfections.
  • Stick to products you know. Don’t drastically change your products as the last thing you want is a reaction to a new ingredient to cause redness or swelling.

Final touches

Getting ready the morning of

  • Set up a mirror and chair by the window. This way your artist, videographer and photographer will have natural light. The make up will be shown in the right colour too.
  • A little thing I like doing whether I’m doing make up or not is to put rollers in the brides hair before the make up is started. Normally they help with the hairstyle, but they also look great for the video. It helps create a sense of what is happening in the moment.
  • Have a clean & moisturised face. Removing old make up in the morning may cause redness and dry skin later in the day.
  • If you wash your hair don’t leave it in the towel to dry.  Doing so creates too much heat, making your scalp oilier. It could result in your hairstyle not lasting the full day.
  • Be yourself. If you are not used to big hair and lots of make up, make sure you ask for a natural look. Have a look you feel comfortable in. Video and photo take away some of the make up, so a bit of extra lashes, contour and blush might be necessary for you to not look washed out.
  • Keep the room you are having the makeup applied in clutter free. No sutitcases on the floor, underwear strewn around etc. Generally the tidier the room the better it will be to see back on film.
 Moira Rollers

During the day

  • Have a mini beauty kit prepared. Include: lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss, compact powder, a few hairpins, a small hairspray and tissues.
  • Remember if you cry, dab the tears away- don’t wipe. Let the videographer capture these moments- it’s great for creating the emotion of your wedding film
  • Most importantly – smile and enjoy your special day! Be happy and it will show on film.
You can see examples and find out more about Moiras work for brides on her bridal website by clicking here
You can contact her here online
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