A common, and not so silly, question we get asked by our couples a whole lot. It’s understandable too. Often it’s a legacy concern passed down through article after article in the bridal press or rumour after rumour through family and friend circles. Fear no longer.

As wedding videographers we are constantly battling the stereotype of the cheesy, bulky camera, old school middle-aged men who didn’t quite make it in life. The photography industry grew up long before the video guys arrived and so they saw all the mistakes those videography front runners made by being everything described above.  Naturally this made it into the bride magazines as a concern couples should raise and was published and touted round with no real understanding of why it was an issue.

A bridesmaids slips the final button on a wedding dress during a Morden Hall Wedding

Image by Joanna Bongard

Times have changed and wedding videographers: Confetti and Silk at the forefront, are now dynamic, creative, film-making studios. We opt for a career in the industry through choice. We aim  to create cinematic films for couples that require the highest specialist skills and knowledge to pull off. That makes us a certain type of person- professional and appreciative of others around us- including the photographer.

Nowadays the question is almost irrelevant, unless you are paying under £1,000 for your wedding videographer or wedding photographer and taking all the risks that choice entails.  At Confetti and Silk we are professionals, we work with our photographers to help them get the best shots and more often than not they will do likewise for us. It’s just part of being polite, courteous members of society and is like any working relationship. Confetti and Silk pride ourselves on going even further to strengthen the realtionships we have with photographers, even before the wedding day.

Don’t just take our word for it. Below are extracts from reviews by 3 excellent and well established photographers we have worked with during 2016/17.  They were kind enough to take some time to give us feedback on how it was for them working with us to help address this question for our prospective couples:

Jo from Joanna Bongard Photography

‘Stu was actually the first videographer to ever reach out and give me a call before a wedding. On the call we discussed our styles and how we could work together and we could also share any ideas and info we had about the couple so we could cover their day the best way possible.
It also made a huge difference on the day as you both already know each other, which is nice as quite often you only know the bride and groom.

On the day we already had a relationship so it was nice and easy to work as a team to capture any shots we needed. We kept out of each other’s shots whilst shooting and we communicated with each other when we were finished with a shot so the other could take over. There were some really nice shots that I wouldn’t have got if Stu hadn’t stepped in, sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else there to have fresh eyes. ‘


A classic wedding dress hanging in a dorrway of the bridal suite at Morden Hall wedding venue

Image by Joanna Bongard

Bride and Groom celebrate getting married surrounded by friends at Morden Hall Wedding Venue in Morden

Image by Joanna Bongard

A mother and maid of honour look at the daughter in the bridal room of Morden Hall Weddings in the Autumn

Image by Joanna Bongard


Paul from Paul Fletcher Photography

‘As a documentary wedding photographer I generally enjoy the freedom to follow the action without restrictions or obstacles and one might wonder whether the introduction of a videographer might impact on that freedom? Well, an inexperienced videographer certainly can impede a documentary approach, however, in the main professional videographers have a very positive impact and can prove to be a valuable ally.

Recently I worked alongside two wedding videographers who’d taken the trouble to contact me leading up to the wedding, Dan and Stuart from Confetti and Silk. Not only was I immensely grateful for their thoughtfulness, but I was impressed by their common sense approach ahead of the day. It meant that when the day arrived we had an immediate connection and it was clear that we’d work well together, enjoying the experience and considering each other’s needs and space as we worked.

Throughout the day we were mindful of each other and shared strategies to help the flow of the wedding. During the wedding breakfast we took the opportunity to discuss and plan specific shots during our sunset couple shoot. This was hugely beneficial, since we were able to help each other out and execute a swift session that worked perfectly for both of us. All in all my day with Confetti and Silk was an incredibly positive one and a more enjoyable one as a result!

It’s clear that a little effort goes a long way when it comes to working alongside a videographer for the first time and in Confetti & Silks case I’m in no doubt that they are someone I will be recommending on a regular basis to my couples.’


Bridesmaids react to seeing the bride in her wedding dress who is reflected in a mirror

Image by Paul Fletcher

A bride and groom embrace at sunset after their marriage

Image by Paul Fletcher

A father of the groom stands up to accept applause during the grooms speech

Image by Paul Fletcher


Jo from Joasis Wedding Photography

‘I recommended Confetti and Silk to one of my clients purely based on their work I had seen on their website. When they were chosen by my client I got an email from Stu introducing themselves. I thought that was great that he reached out to us in advance of the wedding and we could have a chat about our expectations on the wedding day. I could learn how he and his team work. When discussing the schedule with the couple I advised them to built in extra time for Stu to have their desired footage. On the day, the team was great to work with, easy to communicate and super professional. Stu has a great sense of humour too, which may not be relevant to the couple on their wedding day but it did help us to spend our break in a relaxed way.

We continue recommending their services to our clients which is an ultimate sign of trust.’


A bride stands before her groom for a wedding photograph at Coltsford Mill in the height of summer

Image by Joasis Wedding Photography

A bride and groom overlook a water feature whilst the sun shines brightly at ColtsfordMill during their wedding day

Image by Joasis Wedding Photography

A bride and groom pose for a photography at Coltsford Mill on their wedding day behind a fence

Image by Joasis Wedding Photography