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Drone wedding video can really add that extra special factor to your wedding film. As with everything else about our footprint on the wedding day, we try to keep equipment to a minimum. We use the smallest drone possible to still get great quality 4k footage. It’s by a brand called DJI and is the Mini 2 model.

Why we think this drone is perfect for weddings

  1. The picture quality. It’s small but packs a punch. it’s able to film in 4k resolution which will compliment the 4k settings our on ground cameras have.
  2. The small size. The drone can fit in a blazer pocket. This way it’s easy for us to take it around the venue with us whilst we are filming other parts of your day. If we see a great shot we simply take it off there and then, there’s no having to back to the car to get the bag out the drone comes in and then walk back to the spot. So much of wedding videography is reacting to moments in real time to capture natural moments. The drone is part of the equipment too so it’s important it’s functionality mirrors the rest of our approach.
  3. Legality. Due to the weight of the drone being under 250grams the drone doesn’t need a license to be operated commercially when filming a drone wedding video. Meaning there can’t be restrictions put in place by your venue! Our drone is insured for every flight and also has a tracking number on it to comply with any possible legal situation which may arise from flying. You can rest assured every time we use the drone for your wedding film, everything will be above board.
  4. Tried and tested reliability. The brand DJI is the biggest name in drone aviation at our level of working. Prior to having the Mini 2 drone model we used a DJI Phantom 4 for a number of years to great success. Sure, we crashed it once or twice but it stood the test of time until the new Mini was available.
  5. Reduced noise from having it fly by. Picture the scene- you and your friends are stood round after the ceremony nibbling canapes and drinking cocktails. Then out of nowhere from overhead is what appears to be, at first at least, some sort of model helicopter. Everyone turns and looks. This means in the shot that’s being filmed at that time it’s not going to be a natural moment. The Mini is really quiet because of it’s reduced propeller size. Often guests won’t be able to hear it, so we can capture natural moments first time round. And capturing natural moments is afterall what having us film your wedding is all about.


How much it costs

Yes and no. You have two options when it comes to incorporating your drone wedding video into your day. You can have the approach: it should be able to be included or the approach: it will definately be included. The former means that the drone will be brought with us. Time permitting we’ll get it in the sky to get fabulous footage of your venue and its grounds. The later means we’ll bring someone with us who is tasked with specifically and only, flying the drone to get those shots. This can be the best option for weddings where weather may cause delays or restrict time periods on the day when drones are able to fly. Drones can’t fly in high winds, rain, or at night. If the weather breaks, it might be whilst the ceremony is going on or a speech is happening. In this case it wouldn’t be reasonable for us to stop filming those moments to go fly the drone. A dedicated drone operator costs £450 and you can find the rest of our pricing options here.

Do we need it

We love a drone shot, we also simply love to fly the thing. The drone is essentially a helicopter with a camera on it in it’s simplest terms after all and who doesn’t love that. It doesn’t however make or break your wedding film. You won’t feel emotionally connected to your film more by seeing your venue from the air than you will seeing it from the ground. The true value in our wedding films comes through all the other filmmaking experience we bring to each wedding we film.

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A drone flies over a country wedding venue

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