We want to book you, what’s the process?

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You like our films and want to book us, we’re super happy to hear that. This is what we both need to do next to confirm the booking:

Like our filming on the day we want the booking process to be as seamless and stress free as possible, with minimal effort required on your part.

If you still haven’t spoken to us directly send us either: a phonecall- 07891876023, an email- info@confettiandsilk.co.uk, a submission on the contact form, or, preferably submit the completed instant quote builder we have as part of our pricing page (this way we get an idea of what you’re looking for right away and it can take the place of one more back and forward email in our chain).

If we’ve already communicated so you know we’re free on your date and we are going to get on well together, usually across 3-5 email exhanges. If you’re decided on the types of film you want- the 15-20 minute alongside all raw footage is the most popular combo by far, we then need to get you onto our booking system. At this point it can be good to have a quick 5-10 min initial chat, just to check we get on well on the phone. You don’t need to include this step but around 50% of our bookings do want to just to be sure before anything is formally signed and agreed.

We’ll create your wedding video ‘project’ on the booking system and you’ll get a super short personal details form through online you can complete on your phone in approximately 30 seconds. This form consists of both partners names, contact numbers, emails, wedding date and main wedding location- 30 seconds should do it- unless of course you don’t know your partners mobile number off by heart… We ask you to complete this form rather than us as that way it stops transcription errors with things like contact details but also importantly the wedding date. Our worst nightmare would be to book a wedding on the wrong date. By having you input it into our system to then be automated to our calendar and the contract it completely removes this error.


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Details input, when you hit send, this will then automatically populate the relevant fields on your wedding video contract. Automation is key here as, like above, it stops transcription errors that could cause huge issues further down the line. The contract then lands in your inbox without any further touch points needed in a seperate email thread and you give it your signature. It’s an online contract- created by a real lawyer not a friend of a friend, so you can e-sign in full confidence both of us are protected- via desktop or phone. On signature it then comes back to us for a final check through before we countersign. You then get the completed contract. Almost finished already- you then get an automated invoice which contains a breakdown of the costings individually alongside total amounts due for deposit (deposit is 50% of your total booking value) and final balance, much like on the original quote builder if you used it initially.

Payment is via bank transfer from your end. Most clients would do this via their mobile banking app with just a few taps of the device in under 2 minutes. We then get a popup notification saying the money has landed in our account, at which point we tick a box on the system and you get your reciept mailed out to you- at that point you’re booked in. This email reciept will confirm the booking and advise on what we do next.

If you want to review your contract or invoice at any point you will have access to your client area for the duration of the booking and some months after completion. So you wouldn’t have to chase us up to send you a duplicate copy or ask a quick question about if a certain clause was covered.


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That’s then the booking complete so likely we then just allow some time to pass- depending how far in advance you book. A month out from the wedding we’ll have a detailed call. This will probably last about 20-30 minutes going through the timeline of the day. Getting all the details and information we need to ensure we make your film the best we can. We don’t have this details call beforehand beacause, from experience, timetables can be subject to massive changes from initial concepts to final order so we don’t want to waste your time by having to then have this detail call again anyway. After the details call, your remaining balance will be due. As before you will get the invoice and the same process will apply through confirmation. After all that’s done we are all set- see you in the morning!

Clearly from time to time and with the uniqueness of every wedding there may be times you need to touch base with us outwith these points noted above, that’s absolutely fine. We pride ourselves on always responding without delay no matter what our current position is like. Even if we’re mid shoot we’ll still send you a personalised holding email to let you know we got it and will respond properly at our earliest chance.

Outwith reading time to go through the contract, it’s quite feasable to book us on less than 5 minutes of your time doing anything like filling in details/creating payments.

This streamlined approach mirrors everything we do thorughout Confetti & Silk. We don’t create any unneccessary barriers or have red tape for the sake of it. You’re a busy person and you want to be efficient with your time wedding planning, we don’t want to add to that.


Send us an enquiry now and let’s get you booked in!

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