Wedding Video Myths

1. Wedding Video is Overpriced
To get over this myth you need to really breakdown what it is that you are paying for here. You are certainly not simply paying for one person to turn up on one day and then them to spend half an hour to produce your finished video. That’s what an uncle does when they say they can film your wedding video.You are paying for a multitude of things not many people realise at the time of making an enquiry, let’s quickly start from the top:

  • The time the videographer spends consulting with you through the booking process. Any reputable videography company should be having chats with their couples beforehand to really understand what they want and what features of their day are particularly special to them.
  • How did you find your videography? Through word of mouth perhaps but their marketing/website was what sold you they were legitimate, how did they pay for the website to be built? There are all the usual administrative and legal expenses associated with being a legal company that quality videographers have to factor into price points.
  • Are they filming on their smartphone? The camera alone probably cost £2,000 with the lense on the front quite possibly £2,000 more, and then no videographer only shoots just using the one lense all day. Then there are the hardware considerations- expensive high end computers and storage so your wedding video won’t get lost should there be a technical failure. All of this needs to be kept current and replaced or upgraded around every 2 years.
  • How did they get to your venue? Probably by driving, a vehicle cost is a must for a wedding videographer to reach remote wedding locations taking an average cost per wedding into account and not asking for mileage expenses ontop, the Confetti & Silk model.
  • It probably takes 7-10 full working days to look through footage of your wedding day, if your day lasted 10 hours and the videographer had 2x cameras that doubles the review time. They have to find the best bits, think about where they should fit into the film timeline for the greatest emotional impact, source the perfect music to suit the tone of your day(more on music selection later).Circa £1,000 gross for 10 days of highly skilled work.
  • How do they know what to do? It takes years to build up skills to film weddings properly, you pay for that knowledge just as you do at an accountants or lawyers. Surely circa £1000-£1,200 for a timeless video of memories is great value for a couple when all these factors are considered?

2. Video is a luxury add on
Most see it this way as they are conditioned to do so. Consider this -would you rather have a video to look back on in years to come or wish you spent another £100 on upgraded chair covers or put £500 behind the bar that no one will remember after the event itself. Memories of your day, your guests, hearing them speak, watching their emotions during the vows, dance together with you at the end is worth more than an extra flower arrangement at the back of the reception area.

3. Video is long and boring
It can be, but not ours. Another historic and now entirely false stereotype is that the film is shot from static positions, has a slow pace and will never be shown outside the marital TV set. Confetti and Silk are highlight video specialists. These highlights run usually between 5-7 minutes and feature the details, best bits and key people usually keeping a relatively speedy pace. They arguably evoke more emotion than longer pieces and many brides have remarked they are in tears watching their highlight films back. When they share them on social media their friends enjoy watching them rather than feel they have been made to sit through a family slideshow of holiday photos. Shorter videos also require more skill, knowledge and technique for an editor to produce, cuts between angles are sharp and dynamic, the story still has to be told, but in a much shorter, more enjoyable way.

4. Video is not discreet
The cameras we use now shoot in 4k Ultra HD but are actually smaller than most photographers, the only difference is that we usually have a tripod to keep our footage steady, at confetti & Silk we often go handheld entirely in which case guests often mistake us for being the photographer. Nothing worse than posing for a still photo and realising it’s being filmed after all, we’ve all done it and chuckled afterwards.

5. The longer your video the more value for money you get
Again, another completely false misconception people have is that if they only get a shorter video a the end of the process they have somehow been short changed. As mentioned above, it takes far more skill to create a video piece that is shorter in length yet reflects the whole day, the different types of emotions at the different parts of it and brings these together in a video that you would want to watch without skipping over sections of it.

6. Photography is more important

That depends, the truth is it is probably equally as important. Video can capture parts photos just can’t. Movement, the mouth twitches of the groom as he watches his bride walk down the isle, audio, if you want to hear your dads speech back how else will you be able to? It’s hardly likely you’re going to read through his handwritten scribbled notes and remember the exact part he broke down at as easily as watching back a speech professionally filmed from multiple angles to catch your reaction as well as his, all with crystal clear audio.

7. You can use your favourite music in your wedding video
You can, but if you want to share your video online Youtube, Vimeo and many other hosting sites will pull it down for copyright infringement. Confetti & Silk use only liscenced music for our highlights films so you can share and download your video freely on these hosting channels. This also has the benefits of allowing us to create a unique piece for you rather than recycling the wedding track of 2015 ontop of your video. We also choose a track that mirrors the emotions and pace of your specific day, every day is different and so should be every song used on a wedding video. We create a timeless video for you as you will forever likely only associate that track with your video rather than a TV show theme tune or advert if it gets picked up by a major label.

If you have another stereotype, worry or query please get in touch and we will be more than happy to give our viewpoint on it-

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