8 overlooked wedding tips you don’t know you need, until it’s too late

  1. Hire a professional photographer. As well as taking beautiful wedding photos , your photographer for the day needs to have the added skill set of being able to coordinate guests. They need to know how to take control of the photo session especially, organising guests, shooting the family photos in the most efficient order and making sure people know when they are needed in front of the lens is a large part of their responsibilities.
  2. Pep talk the best man, or better yet get the groom to do so, seriously. The role of the best man is much more than turning up, holding the rings and delivering his speech after a few whiskies for some Dutch courage. The role of the best man is that of the most key organiser of the day, coping with the slip ups and changes to the programme of events as and when they occur. At a minimum they need to be on hand to give guests directions, check on catering arrangements and timings as well as reminding you or your groom of anything you may forget, before it’s too late. In short, the best man should be the couples PA for the day.
  3. Do you have a lot of individual segments making up your wedding day? Perhaps you are going to be at several locations throughout the day? Hire a master of ceremonies. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced weddings that have simply run out of time. The photo session is usually the first timing to get cut short, depriving you of those intimate sunset photos and video footage that make any day look magical. Next to go will usually be speech length, although not always a bad thing in some cases, you don’t really want your husbands speech to be rushed whilst he tells you how beautiful you are and how he is excited to spend the rest of his life with you.
  4. If alcohol is involved, pace yourself, the groom and the best man. There will be plenty of time to drink once the wedding breakfast is over. You want to remember the day as clearly as possible, not have a hazy recollection.  Remember everyone will be looking at you right up until the evenings reception and even then you won’t be out of many peoples thoughts, or view, for long. The photographer will likely still be there and the videographer will still be filming.
  5. How will you cut the cake, with a knife yes, but which knife? Perhaps a nice shining silver number with your names and date engraved? The knife is one of the few pieces which serves a practical purpose during the day and you can use again and again afterwards. You definitely do not want to resort to the caterer having to provide you with the one they use to cut up the hog roast with, do you?
  6. See out the whole of your first dance before inviting family onto the dancefloor. Not the best dancer? No-one’s watching your feet. Your audience are in fact simply stood admiring how close you look as a couple, thinking about their loved ones and how they make them feel that way they can see in front of them now. Even if  you just do a slow sway, hold each other closely, tightly and take in what you have both just gone through. Nestle your cheek on his shoulder and just…be.  Those three and a half minutes will be over before you know it and uncle Bob will be moonwalking, badly, over to you trying to impress auntie Joan as if he is 30 years younger.
  7. Vendor meals. Your photographer and videographer have been with you since you had your hair and make-up done. They have been running between angles and positions staying acutely switched on the whole time. Mentally and physically tiring work. If you want them to perform at their best for you they need to be well nourished and hydrated. Who doesn’t work better when they aren’t absolutely starving in any job? Remember if you aren’t planning on feeding them there is likely not many places nearby for them to pop out to grab something from resulting in them being off site for longer and potentially missing something.
  8. Ok we’re biased here but, hire a videographer. You won’t regret it. It’s only brides who don’t have a video of their day who do. You’ll likely miss details, you’ll want to relive the emotions each moment brought, perhaps even show off your big day a little and what you achieved as a couple after months of planning. Got friends or family who aren’t able to make it? What better way than sharing an online link with them to a beautiful modern highlights video they can download or stream for free as many times as they like.

The day will be gone in a flash. You probably either won’t see nor get the most out of all the favourites you picked out, hired and bought. Sweets cart- you’ll be lucky if the kids leave any after 7pm. Factor in periods of empty time, with no agenda, this will allow the day to get back on track from a timing standpoint and later events won’t be compromised.

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