Why do I need a wedding video?

Over the past four years we have been involved in the wedding business, couples often ask us that very question when they encounter us at wedding fairs. This question puzzles us- We feel the answer is so obvious  it shouldn’t need continuous explanation, but then that is why we created Confetti & Silk wedding videographers afterall. To address the question there are several areas which combine to give what we believe answer why you should have a wedding video no matter your budget.

What does video give you photo doesnt?

Movement. Do you prefer to watch a movie or a slideshow of individual images?

With video we can create a lot of the content from natural observation of the day with our cameras, while poses for photographs can be heavily used in video as well, it isn’t the basis for creating your wedding video from. This is also why we recommend filming with two camera operators at all times and having more than one camera.

See the day as it unfolded, watch how all your planning came together, see what was going on when you were looking the other way as it happened.

Audio forms a powerful side to wedding videos too.

Not all wedding video companies use external microphones, and if they do they aren’t always discreet. At Confetti & Silk we use them and they are. Spoken words create some of the most powerful moments during a wedding, a groom may get a tear when he sees his bride at the isle, but the words they speak to one another can create something altogether more powerful and emotive.

Want to remember how you spoke your vows you spent months beforehand preparing, that moment your partner welled up and was overcome with emotion speaking their love for you during the speech? Audio captures that emotional side, a photographer, no matter how good, cannot touch this area. Surely that’s worth remembering?

When you will really appreciate your video:

In short: 5 years, 10 years and hopefully 50 years from your wedding day.

A video captures everything of the time it was shot. A discreet camera operator will capture the groups of friends interacting, the cheeky smiles, the little wink between the couple that truly shows their love and understanding in a way a photo simply cannot. That funny unique, special way you look at your partner will still be relevant in the future, we bet you still look at each other the same way decades from now.



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