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There are a number of things we do to make sure each wedding video we create is unique and special to all our couples. Some things you won’t even realise happen in the build up or behind the scenes that play into the finished video quality in a major way. Below we list some high level points we consider:

We work with the 80/20 rule. We play 80% of our shots safe to what we know will look good for our couples, the remainng 20% are impromptu and experimental on the day to really capture those ‘waow’ angles, moments of light or camera movement. We want each video to have it’s own look and feel with special creative shots but can’t gamble recording the most important day of your lives, we find working to the 80/20 rule creates a great balance.

We ‘warm up’ our brides. Meeting before hand and being in regular contact removes that feeling of awkwardness that you would get if someone you hadn’t seen before turned up on the morning of your wedding to film you. Have you ever noticed that the more time you spend with someone the more you open up to them? We noticed at the end of weddings our couples were more relaxed with us than in the morning, meeting beforehand speeds up this process and lets the filming flow better and more easily for both us and you.

We communicate with you, the photographer, the venue staff, the DJ, the band, everyone. On the day we are all there to work for our couples and colaborating and appreciating everyones positions and responsibilties lets the wedding run smoother, everyone gets their jobs done better and ultimately you are happier. For videogrpahers the relationship with the photographer is very important. We respect all the photograhers, work with them so we do not get in there way or angles and expect them to do the same for us in return. A friendly collaborative approach works best for everyone.

We only bring gear we actually need. We travel quick and light for weddings. Our gear is never compromised but realising that weddings have impromptu moments throughout we need to be there to capture them. If we are busy packing away our 4th tripod we haven’t actually used during the ceremony we might miss a great moment at the reception. Less is more.

Keeping energised during the day is important for everyone, when it gets to the reception all the guests are starving, the videography team are too. We often got up earlier than those guests and have been physically and emotionally switched on from even before the big day began. A hungry belly leads to a wandering brain, it’s only human. We keep a supply of water and snacks with us throughout the day as when our minds and bodies are focused on the task at hand we will shoot better shots for you.

These are just a few things we work through. There are a lot more we will be posting up in the coming months. Please leave a comment below if you have any other gems of knowledge to help the process of wedding video making run smoothly.

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